I’m Fabian Deneault. Here is my story.

At 16, my youngest daughter, Samantha, suffered a medical mishap that left her in a coma for 3 weeks.

She spent 4 months in ICU on life support.

After 6 months and multiple surgeries, she was released from the hospital, with many, many medications, including a very strong opioid.

After many months of unrelenting pain, her doctors prescribed a fentanyl patch. I brought her home from the appointment. And went to run the store.

When I returned home, Sam was not breathing. She was blue. I called 911 and started CPR.

Thank God, I was able to keep her alive until paramedics arrived. They made it to the hospital in time to reverse the Fentanyl overdose.

3 days later, Sam said, “Dad, I know you are anti-marijuana, but I want to try it to control the pain. I can’t do opioids anymore. They will kill me!

So, I began researching how best to provide the marijuana for her.

I had heard horror stories of providers using dangerous pesticides and spiking their marijuana with things like formaldehyde.

I found the answer: in 30 days, I was a licensed Medical Marijuana (MMJ) provider growing this medicine to help my daughter. And it worked! It controlled her pain!

I loved helping Sam . . . and others in need safely.

After a pain-free year using marijuana, Sam was working at a local horse rescue. She asked about using CBD to help with their pains.

I purchased some CBD and we tried it on the horses with great success.

Sam tried the CBD instead of the MMJ. It relieved her pain just as well!!

Due to my aversion to artificial additives and preservatives, I began making my own CBD Oil for Sam. I continued to research and test my creations.

I settled on Olive Oil infused with CBD using a proprietary method – this kept it as natural as possible. And Grizzly Creek Naturals was born.

Now, all this time, I grew MMJ. And I struggled to keep my valuable crops from getting infested with spider mites. These mites can destroy a crop in just days. And no safe pesticide or remedy worked.

So, out of some desperation, I began re-formulating a proprietary plant-based degreaser product developed by our team for use in industry – and started experimenting. Soon, I settled on a formulation that killed the spider mites but not the plants! And MiteXstream Biopesticide was born.

That is my story.