Since the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018, industrial hemp (under 0.3% THC) has once again brightened America’s Fruited Plain, especially across the Eastern High Plains of Montana. Unfortunately, much of that hemp production has gone unprocessed.

Black Bird American Hemp expects to become Montana’s leading processor. How?

We have identified hemp supply chains largely originating overseas, and are actively developing strategies focused on breaking these supply chains. American Grown Hemp for American Products – at competitive prices. As a division of Digital Development Partners, Inc., d/b/a Black Bird Potentials Inc., a vertically-integrated, diversified publicly-traded company, Black Bird American Hemp is actively developing hemp-based products for sale into various industry and consumer markets. Already, Black Bird American Hemp produces hemp hearts for its sister company to market under our Grizzly Creek Naturals™ brand name. Hemp products for use in the construction industry are currently under evaluation and development.

At Black Bird American Hemp, we are not satisfied processing hemp into beautiful piles of raw materials. No one benefits from that. We’re simply committed to taking these beautifully decorticated piles and injecting hemp-based products into the American markets. Local Montana communities will benefit; Montana farmers will benefit; and ultimately, all of us benefit from a future made more sustainable.


Industrial hemp is grown specifically for industrial use, and should not be confused with the psychoactive effects of traditional marijuana. Instead, Industrial hemp focuses on the use of the hemp plant material, which is composed of the stalk, seeds, and leaves of the plant and marketed as a seed, fiber, or dual-purpose crop. Because hemp is such a versatile plant, there are many applications for use, ranging from clothing, paper and beauty products to health food, building materials, biodegradable plastics and biofuel.


Our Montana, USA-grown Hemp Hearts, the delicate, protein- rich super food protected within every hemp seed, are nutrient dense and naturally gluten-free! Each serving delivers a beneficial 3:1 ration of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as nine essential amino acids, important antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. Enjoy right out of the bag or as a topper to your favorite salad or even the morning smoothie.